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Echo Arrives First To India In The Race Of AI-Driven Devices


Echo Arrives First To India In The Race Of AI-Driven Devices

If you utilize a laptop and smartphone, you by now have access to Cortana, Bixby, Siri, and Google Assistant. These AI-boosted virtual assistants are developed to keep an eye on your calendar appointments, offer weather forecasts, type messages, initiate voice calls, and many more including searching the web. This is supposed to be done all through an easy voice instructions in natural accents to get the task done.

But this is just the starting. By now, there are a latest set of AI-boosted gadgets that seems like just normal Bluetooth speakers. Apple has its HomePod and Google has its Google Home; both of which must be arriving to the shores by 2018. But you do not have to hang around till then. You can already get access on Echo devices of Amazon along with Alexa, its smart assistant.

Similar to all AI assistants, Alexa answers to voice instructions, but Amazon has made sure that she responds back to you in a tone that is definitely Indian. The service requires connectivity to Internet to operate, and this also indicates that Alexa has authorization to media repositories and cloud data.

With Echo coupled with Alexa, you can operate music from services like TuneIN, Saavn, and Amazon Prime Music. As of now, Saavn is offered as a free test. Amazon Prime Music is not obtainable as of yet in India, but it arrives with Echo gadgets as a free add-on in the nation. Playing music on the Amazon device is as easy as saying “Alexa, play slow romantic music,” or “Alexa, play songs by Lata Mangeshkar.” You can stop what’s playing by commanding “Alexa, stop,” or even adjust the volume by instructing “Alexa, turn it up.” If a song plays and you do not know who the singer is, you can enquire “Alexa, which song is this?” and you will be offered with the details of the song, artist, and album.

Echo Arrives First To India In The Race Of AI-Driven Devices

Alexa can translate the news for you from the Reuters, The Times of India, and ESPNcricinfo, and many more. All you have to do is command “Alexa, read my flash briefing,” or “Alexa, what’s the news?”

She can offer you with national, local, and international forecasts of weather. Just inquire “Alexa, what’s the weather in Mumbai?”, “Alexa, will it rain tomorrow?”, or “Alexa, what’s the weather in New York this weekend?” Alexa can answer to all types of questions regarding historical dates, renowned people, and places.

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