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A material that can help develop scratch-proof cars

Car is one of the commodities people think of owning as a part of their royalty or interest. However, maintenance of the car is an expensive job, as it has to be serviced and painted whenever required. Looking at the issues regarding the A material that can help develop scratch-proof cars, a team of researchers has come up with a new concept for car paints. The researchers from the University’s School of Mathematics and Physics have discovered a superlubricity property in the few layers of graphene. This property eradicates the friction totally.

The team led by Dr. Elton Santos has also found out that the layers of hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) are not only strong but also cheap, light in weight, and flexible. The strong, thin insulator-like material and its unique properties can help make scratch-proof paint for cars, unbreakable and flexible smart devices. The researchers are basically looking forward to develop a frictionless surface, which is known as superlubricity.

In case of graphene, the frictionless property comes from the atomic layer that composes the carbon atoms. Normally heat or some energy is required to create friction but graphene doesn’t require the process and just layers on top of each other. However, it becomes mechanically weaker and breaks easily. While in the case of h-BN layers, they are stronger, cheaper, lighter, and flexible. The shock and mechanical stress resistance helps it to be easily integrated into electronic circuits or support other structures.scratch-proof cars

The studies on the h-BN and graphene layers are still on so as to come up with a major breakthrough in the coming years and overcome the global challenges that exist within the society. According to the researchers, the bilayer of graphene shows the superlubricity property and the h-BN material showed lubricant and mechanically strong property in terms of the Young Modulus. In the coming years, there are possibilities that the current discoveries can be used in the mixtures such as paint and these paints can be used to develop a scratch-proof and A material that can help develop scratch-proof cars for the cars.

The graphene and h-BN materials can be used together in certain electronics or smart devices including Androids, iPads, and so on. The team has been trying to add in 2D crystals as well for the similar applications. The layers of materials are now being explored for their unique properties and applications in the various sources.

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