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Yepzon Pledges For Smart Safety Solutions In India

Yepzon Pledges For Smart Safety Solutions In India

Yepzon Oy, the safety technology company, has declared its official entrance in India to provide mobile services with well-matched placing tech. Rolled out at an occasion in New Delhi, cloud service of Yepzon, together with a smartphone and the devices, traces an individual in seconds. With only a click of a button, the security alarm notifies of accurate location of its wearer via the mobile application. Yepzon Freedom is the first autonomous alarm device and locator combining 3G and GPS technologies with Wi-Fi indoor positioning.

Yepzon operates on all important handset platforms, no user credentials needed and no personal data will be asked. The device takes just couple of minutes to link with the handset and the battery can operate up to more than a few weeks with a single charge. It provides smart clothing applications and wearable technologies to trace pets, people, and stuff. The firm was established in 2012 and is located in Finland with a joint enterprise in the U.S., a secondary office in U.K, and now a partnership Yepzon India. Yepzon gadgets are also made in India.

“In 2013, we evaluated figures on missing individuals and instantly began development of the product. In the U.S. and EU alone, over a million kids go missing every year. Over 100,000 of them by no means will be found. With the assistance of modern technology, this need not be,” claimed Otto Linna, chairman and founder of Yepzon, to the media in an interview. “Tracking and safety products of Yepzon respond to the worldwide feeling of anxiety especially among children, women, and elderly. They are scalable to wherever in the globe and are most excellent gifts for loved ones,” claimed Ashish Deswal, CEO of Yepzon Enterprises India, to the media in an interview.

Yepzon Pledges For Smart Safety Solutions In India

“I am extremely happy that institutes such as GLA University and Manav Rachna have opted for our high quality tech to reinforce the security of their candidates. I predict great prospects for Yepzon in the market of the country. The new security solutions by Yepzon make it the capable leader in the industry,” claimed Ashish.

Yepzon is already well well-known in the U.S. and European markets having a rapidly growing and satisfied community of users in position who trust its goods. Yepzon has a demonstrated track record all over 3 separate product lines namely Yepzon Freedom, Yepzon ONE, and Yepzon Industrial. With spotless perfection, these goods operate on 3 different technologies of location, and high quality is guaranteed in design and in functionality.

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