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China discards Trump’s allege on North Korea, on saying “Freeze for Freeze”

China Discards Trump’s Allege On North Korea, On Saying “Freeze For Freeze”

China has given a big blow to America on the issue of North Korea. China on Thursday denied that it has canceled its old proposal to resolve the North Korea nuclear crisis. While one day earlier, the US President Donald Trump had said that Beijing has agreed to abandon its policy. Significantly, Beijing has been talking about “Dual Track Approach” for a long time. It wants North Korea to freeze its weapon program if it shuns military exercises in the US territory to solve this crisis.

The President of the United States said on Wednesday that China’s President Xi Jinping has changed his plans. Trump said, “The President believes that there is a big danger to China from nuclear-powered North Korea. We agree that nothing like freeze or freeze agreement will be done as it has proved to be a failed first. We believe that time is going out and all options are open to us.”

But Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said that the stance on Beijing’s nuclear issue is consistent and stable. He said that the use of the army is not an option to solve this issue. The spokesman said, “We believe that in the current circumstances, suspending suspicious activities will be the most real, practical and correct plan.”

China discards Trump's allege on North Korea, on saying “Freeze for Freeze”

Earlier Trump had said that he would not let the North Korean dictator blackmail the world by showing fear of nuclear weapons. They talked of launching a global campaign to destroy Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons. The US President, who returned home after his 12-day visit to Asia, said in his address to the nation on TV that North Korea is at the top of his priority list. He said that we will not allow North Korea to blackmail and make the world hostage.

Trump said that during the visit to China, President Xi Jinping assured him that he would implement the UN Security Council resolutions in full sincerity with North Korea. Jinping has also said that he will use his economic influence on the North Korean Government to fulfill the collective motive of freezing the Korean region from nuclear weapons. Trump and North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-un have been attacking each other for some time now. On the other hand, Pyongyang is engaged in developing such missiles, so that the United States can come under its influence.

China has also declared that it will send its envoy to North Korea to discuss on reopening a channel of communication, issues of mutual concern.

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