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Painted surfaces of vehicles will now be checked through Durr’s Light Tunnel

Painted Surfaces Of Vehicles Will Now Be Checked Through Durr’s Light Tunnel

One of the world’s top plant and mechanical engineering firm has disclosed about the development of a light tunnel for identifying the paint quality of the surface that is applied to the vehicle bodies.

It offers a highly focused and precise vision with the application of ergonomic environment design and innovative light concept. This facilitates incessant recognition of indiscretion in the paint with utmost precision, the company said.

In every auto manufacturing factory, there is a quality department that assures every piece of the car is perfect for diverse variations. The paint is keenly checked for the tiniest flaws such as minute particles of hair and dust. This traditional will be soon replaced by the light tunnel EcoReflect that offers superior ergonomic and visuals for most intricate inspection task.

Identification of variation demands for a reflected image that is in desired contrasts. Thus in terms of EcoReflect, the contrast lines number in terms of vision also depends on appropriate stimulus rate. As it creates vertical contrast lines, the operators with ease can detect the progression of the car bodies while inspecting. Compared to the conventional method, which involves horizontal lines, this also reduces the efforts of the operator of looking up and down constantly. This method proves to be more efficient in terms of physical and ergonomics parameters.

Painted surfaces of vehicles will now be checked through Durr’s Light Tunnel

One of the important requirements for the detection of surface glitches and reducing the fatigue symptoms of the operators is the Glare-free vision. Hence EcoReflect proper lamps prism sees to it that maximum amount of light is shone on the body. In this whole case, the principle of radiation asymmetric lighting helps here.

LED modules used in the whole tunnels result in energy saving. The company has also increased the luminaire concept with the utilization of LED modules. At the end, the results are homogenous illumination and high contrasts in the reflected image. The technology that is been used consumes about half of energy compared to the fluorescent tubes.

The construction of the EcoReflect can be installed in form of line or as a separate individual station. The system also has the facility to customize and extend in terms of complex types of flaws for material and colors.

Durr is based in Chennai and has a good hold over the service offerings such as energy efficiency technology products, application, painting, and final assembly. The company has also recently initiated a training program for painting operations.

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