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CureFit to extend in Delhi-NCR, Invests Rs 25 Crore

CureFit To Extend In Delhi-NCR, Invests Rs 25 Crore

CureFit, the health-technology startup, will shell out almost Rs 25 Crore to extend its processes to Delhi-NCR and install 30 “Cult” premium fitness centers by the end of next year, in addition to health kitchens and meditation facilities in the area. Established by former executive of Flipkart, Ankit Nagori, and co-founder of Myntra, Mukesh Bansal, in 2016, CureFit runs in Bengaluru. It operates 16 Cult fitness centers, 4 kitchens (these supplies food on basis of subscription), and 2 meditation centers ( in the technology metropolis.

“While there are a lot of companies in the fitness segment, our goal is to assist individuals take on a fit lifestyle. We have a holistic way, it is related to the mind, body as well as what one consumes. We have rolled out 3 products, namely,, Cult, and that deal with these regions,” Nagori claimed. He further said that in Bengaluru, it by now has almost 25,000 paying users.

“We need to take on the same method in Delhi-NCR. We will install 5 Cult centers in 217 and include 25 extra by the end of next year, taking the sum to 30 centers. We will also have 5 centers (for meditation) and 5 kitchens in 2018,” he claimed.

CureFit to extend in Delhi-NCR, Invests Rs 25 Crore 1

CureFit aims to spend almost Rs 25 Crore in setting up these company-controlled and managed centers, Nagori claimed to the media in an interview. He further added that this will make employment chances for almost 300–400 individuals. “By the end of 2018, we expect to have 40,000 paying users in our Delhi-NCR processes and extend the similar for Bengaluru to 60,000. So, by the end of 2018, we must have almost 1 Lakh paying users,” Nagori claimed.

The net monthly subscription is almost Rs 5,000 with many users selection for both Eat.Fit and Cult subscriptions, he claimed. The firm has lifted almost USD 45 Million in funding until now from sponsors such as Kalaari Capital, Accel Partners, UC-RNT fund (a Ratan Tata’s RNT Associates and University of California joint venture), and IDG Ventures. When asked about the way to productivity, Nagori claimed that the firm must be capable of reaching there in the coming period.

“Every center has to be money-making for us to be money-making in general. The 5-year schedule is to be set up in 20 metropolises. For next year, it is to aim on processes in Delhi-NCR and look at different city by the end of 2018,” he said.

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