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Face ID of Apple iPhone X tricked by 3D mask developed by researchers

Face ID Of Apple iPhone X Tricked By 3D Mask Developed By Researchers

A Vietnamese research team has claimed to have fooled the Face ID verification system of Apple’s “super-premium” iPhone X with the use of a compound 3D-printed mask. The researchers stressed that the face identification is “not established enough” to assure safekeeping for smartphones. Recently, at the event of iPhone X’s launch, Phil Schiller, Senior Vice President of Apple, stated that Face ID can differentiate between real human face and masks, grateful to its AI (artificial intelligence).

The researchers at Bkav, a Vietnamese security firm, fabricated a mask using a 3D printer that charged them $150. Bkav said, “A handmade artist made the nose. For other parts, 2D printing was used. The skin was also handmade to ploy Apple’s AI. The mask is fabricated by uniting 3D printing with 2D images and makeup, in addition to few special processing around the face and on the cheeks, where there are huge skin regions, to trick Face ID’s AI.”

Even a video is posted by the Bkav security professional on how they did this. They said Face ID can be tricked by a mask that indicates it’s not an effectual security means. Bkav, in 2008, was the foremost firm in the world to demonstrate that face identification was not an effective means of security for laptops when this technology was used by Lenovo, Asus, and Toshiba for their products. The firm said, “Several individuals across the globe have attempted diverse sorts of masks but all unsuccessful. It is because we comprehend how Face ID’s AI functions and how to circumvent it.”

Face ID of Apple iPhone X tricked by 3D mask developed by researchers

It added, “We, in future, may use mobile phones with 3D scanning abilities (such as Sony XZ1) or arrange a space with a 3D scanner, where scanning will need hardly few seconds.” Above 30,000 invisible infrared dots are projected by Face ID. And it is claimed to only open the iPhone X when the user sees at it and is developed to put off spoofing by masks or photos. TrueDepth camera system is used by the Face ID technology of Apple that is composed up of an infrared camera, flood illuminator, & dot projector and is backed by A11 Bionic to exactly map and recognize a face.

The recognition means is not as austere as one might think it to be and Apple appears to depend too much on AI of Face ID, as per the firm. Bkav said, “We merely require half a face to fabricate the mask and it was even easier than we ourselves had considered.” Also, the firm mentioned that, if exploited, issues can be created by Face ID. They said, “Regular users might not be the potential targets, instead it would be billionaires, nation leaders, leaders of major corporations, and agents such as FBI should recognize the issues of Face ID.”

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