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Website Redirects to be blocked by Google Chrome in attempt to protect users

Website Redirects To Be Blocked By Google Chrome In Attempt To Protect Users

Google Chrome will be upgraded by Google with a facility to block redirections from the website, with an intention to enhance the browsing experience and to confine third-party involvements. The newest improvement will be accessible as a component of Chrome 64, which is accessible in the Canary and Dev channels at present, and will be presented to the public sometime in early 2018. Nevertheless, before time access to the defense has been speckled on the most recent public release.

Three diverse protection layers have been planned by Google to rise above the unwanted behavior in Chrome. At first, the search giant will set a halt on advertisements that steer users automatically to a new page for the benefit of paid content. A toolbar will be showed up the browser to highlight the chunking of the redirect action. Remarkably, this will not influence the user experience if they had interrelated with the redirected window.

Google, secondly, is set to chunk a redirection that surfaces an unnecessary page besides launching the preferred destination in the new tab. This type of behavior is referred as a “circumvention of pop-up blocker of Chrome” by the company and is set up to include its defense in Chrome 65. Not only the browser simply identifies the redirect but also will prompt an info bar and put off the main tab from getting redirected.

Thirdly, Google is intending to edge the “abusive experiences” that set users to inadvertent destinations and are masked as site controls, video playback buttons, or transparent overlays that launch new windows or tabs by noiselessly capturing clicks.

Website Redirects Google Chrome in attempt to protect users

In a blog post, Chrome’s Product Manager, Ryan Schoen, said, “In concert, these protections will spectacularly enhance the web browsing experiences of the users while still letting them access to all that is offered by the web.”

Even though the new means to guard you against diverse website redirects are due to be rolled out, your Chrome browser, at present, can provide some protection. As mentioned by AndroidPolice, the most recent steady version of Chrome browser has a concealed feature to chunk redirects caused through a third-party iframe. All you need to do is head to “chrome://flags/#enable-framebusting-needs-sameorigin-or-usergesture” from your Chrome browser’s the address bar and then enable the alternative entitled as “Framebusting requires same-origin or a user gesture.”

After that, simply restarting your Chrome browser will defend you from website redirects somewhat. Particularly, the hidden feature is accessible across all key platforms, including Linux, Chrome OS, Android, Windows, and macOS.

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