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The wait is over: Google Maps to add Create and Share list feature

The Wait Is Over: Google Maps To Add Create And Share List Feature

Users have been urging to add lists function in Google Maps for a while and finally, the wait is over as this feature will be incorporated soon, and will enable users to make and share listings of their favorite locations. So, now if you are thinking about going to a best pizza restaurant or coffee shop, you exactly know where to find a list of these places, right?

Earlier only accessible to “local guides” of Google, the feature is now accessible to use with Google Maps’ most recent update on Android and iOS devices. Well, making a list is quite simple—all you need to do is launch Google Maps and click on the location you wish to add. Then click on the new icon “Save” that will allow you store the place to one of the numerous pre-created lists, such as “Want to Go” or “Favorites.”

On the other hand, you can even make your own personalized listing, which can be entitled whatever you wish, and can be shared with others through social networks, email, text, and other applications. You can also start following listings created by other users of Google Maps—so it will keep you updated if a new café or bar has been opened nearby.

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If you want to see the locations you have saved, launch the side menu of Google Maps, then hit on “Your Places.” And you will be presented with all your saved places on the map so that you will always make out when a special place is close by. All the saved lists of yours will be accessible through desktop & mobile devices and can even be seen when offline as well.

In the previous week, a dedicated driving menu was introduced with a major upgrade, which will now show real-time projected trips to your designated workplaces or home, as well as information on any likely traffic or delays details. Finally, a new tab is provided for the public transport data, which seems to make tube and bus rides smoother.

First launched for the Google Maps’ desktop version, the “Popular Times” service offers live details on how busy someplace is, entailing whether it is quieter or busier than normal. This means the users can conclude whether to attempt and encounter the crowds or postpone their journey for a time when there is less rush. The levels can be seen on an hour-by-hour basis and also displays how long individuals spend at a specific place.

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