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Temperature recordings have been raised by Human-Induced Global Warming

Temperature Recordings Have Been Raised By Human-Induced Global Warming

The global warming caused by humans is considerably mounting the pace at which records for hot temperature are being broken across the globe, according to a study. There were around 17 record hot years between 1861 and 2005 as exhibited by the worldwide annual temperature testimonies.

A research team at the University of Melbourne, Australia, has scrutinized whether these record-breaking temperatures are being broken more repeatedly and if so, is the global warming caused by humans to be held accountable. The findings demonstrate human impact has seriously elevated the probability of record-breaking hot years arising on a global scale.

According to the researchers, without climate change caused by humans, on average, there should have been only 7, not 17, record hot years between 1861 and 2005. Human-caused climate alteration at least elevated the chances of having a record-breaking hot year by twofold between 1926 and 1945 & from 1967 onwards, as per the research.

The study also estimates that if greenhouse gas releases continue to be high, the likelihood of witnessing new global temperature records will carry on to elevate. The new results display how climate variation is noticeably influencing the temperature of the Earth, as stated by Andrew King, the lead author. He said, “We can now particularly articulate climate alteration is escalating the probability of seeing a new temperature record every year.”

He continued, “It is significant to mention we should not be witnessing these logs if human activity were not causative to global warming.” According to a climatologist, Michael Mann (from the Pennsylvania State University), the research reinforces the connection between recent temperature trends and human activity.

In recent decades, there has been a frequent occurrence of record hot years. On record, the hottest year was 2014 since 1880; however, that record was been broken quickly in 2015 and then in 2016. Earlier this year, a research published in the Geophysical Research Letters journal revealed these 3 successive global temperatures records were very possibly a result of anthropogenic warming. King, in the current study, devised a technique to segregate the role of humans in altering record-breaking temperatures rates across the world.

Different from earlier studies, the technique utilizes one resource of temperature information, in this study, global annual temperatures, enabling King to learn temperature records on a worldwide scale. At first, King looked at worldwide temperature information between 1861 and 2005 & spotted which years were the breakers of hot record. He then utilized a broad range of climate models to reproduce global temperatures in this duration.

It is high time that we think of the devastating consequences we imply through our activities, isn’t it?

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