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Zicom Gambles Big On IoT

Zicom Gambles Big On IoT

Zicom, the leading electronic safety systems player, this week claimed that it is seeing at noteworthy development in the SaaS and IoT (Internet of Things) market place to post service income of almost Rs 200 Crore by the end 2020. “Zicom has shifted from being a physical security firm into a SaaS IT and IoT Services trade model. With the increasing penetration of Internet developing in the nation, Zicom is all geared up to take full benefit to turn out to be the leader of the market within the SaaS and IoT segment,” Pramoud Rao, managing director of Zicom Electronic Security Systems, claimed to the media in an interview.

“We have achieved an income of almost Rs 50 Crore in this fiscal and anticipate reaching service income of almost Rs 175 Crore to Rs 200 Crore by the end of 2020,” he claimed. “We are now seeing at new places to develop the business by accepting newer techs, such as artificial intelligence. We are also spending in profound learning in the area of access control as well as towards rolling out voice-supported safety services under the Alexa and Amazon platform,” Rao claimed.


The IoT segment carries on seeing sturdy growth. The worldwide investment in IoT market will grow to $1.29 Trillion in 2020 from $625.2 Billion in 2015, with a growth rate of 15.6%, he claimed. The set up IoT end points bas that will grow to over $30 Billion by 2020 from $12.1 Billion at the end of 2015. The Indian security segment is in a condition of huge shift due to IoT, SaaS, safe city trends, and smart city, he further claimed. In 2013, the firm recognized the potential of IoT and began taking measures towards achieving leadership in the IoT segment. It has installed the largest control and command hub in the country with service network in more than 1100 cities.

The thought was to offer business intelligence jointly using security and safety, club it with loss avoiding features untied with convenience and comfort, proving data on the mobile handsets, Rao claimed. The Indian security industry in 2017, as per experts, is developing at the rate of 10.6% and the number of linked gadgets in India is predicted to be almost $200 Million. This is anticipated to elevate to $3 Billion in 2020. Hence, it promises well for the security industry in India and players such as Zicom will have huge role in the upcoming years, he claimed.

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