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Car Security can be improved with the new Finger Vibration-Based system

Car Security Can Be Improved With The New Finger Vibration-Based System

A new smart access system, VibWrite, has been developed by the engineers of the Rutgers University-New Brunswick, which detects finger vibrations to authenticate the users. The low-priced security system can ultimately be utilized to get access to apartment buildings, homes, appliances, cars—anything with a concrete surface.

A professor from the Rutgers University-New Brunswick, Yingying Chen, said, “The structure of every person’s finger bone is distinctive and the pressure applied by their fingers on surfaces is also different, so sensors that sense slight behavioral and physiological differences can verify and validate a person.”

The smart security access systems of today primarily depend on conventional methods that use cameras, intercoms, fingerprints, or cards to verify users. However, these systems need costly tools, complex hardware installation, and various maintenance requirements.

The aim of VibWrite is to enable user authentication when fingers contact any solid surface. The passcode, physiological and behavioral characteristics are integrated by VibWrite. It is rooted on a touch-sensing method that uses vibration signals. It is dissimilar than conventional, password-based methods, which authenticate passwords rather than legitimate users, and behavioral biometrics-based solutions, which usually entail fingerprint readers, touch screens, or other expensive hardware and produce privacy apprehensions and “smudge attacks” that map oily deposits on surfaces from fingers.

Car Security can be improved with the new Finger Vibration-Based system

VibWrite permits the users to opt from lock patterns, gestures, or PINs to get secure access. The verification method can be carried out on any solid surface ahead of touch screens as well as on any screen size. It is irrepressible to “side-channel attacks”—when a person sets on the surface a concealed vibration receiver or utilizes a close by microphone to record vibration signals. Also, several sorts of attacks are resisted by the system, including when the passcodes are learned by the attacker after watching a user for numerous times.

A great advantage is that a VibWrite system is economical and utilizes minimal power. It consists of a reasonably priced receiver and vibration motor and can convert any solid surface into a verification surface. Both maintenance and hardware installation are simple and “VibWrite possibly can be commercialized in a few of years, according to the researchers.

VibWrite, during 2 trials, confirmed legitimate users with an accuracy of above 95%, whereas the false-positive rate was below 3%. However, the existing VibWrite system requires enhancements as users might require a few tries to pass the setup. To enhance the performance, the researchers will install several sensor pairs, improve the hardware, and advance authentication algorithms. Also, they require to further validate the system outdoors to account for unstable temperatures, dust, winds, humidity, dirt, wetness, and other conditions.

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