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As per the study, In India only 25% of drivers fasten their seat belts

As Per The Study, In India Only 25% Of Drivers Fasten Their Seat Belts

The safety features equipped in the vehicles sometime might be irritating, for example, the warning beep activated when the seatbelts aren’t fastened. But avoidance to the irritation can turn into death risk or brutal injury, if in case you happen to ramp down the vehicle on your way. Government has already made some policies for the automakers to offer some mandatory safety features. Every department does their part to make the driver and passenger safe while travelling on roads. What about the drivers or passengers themselves? Does they value their own life?

As per the survey conducted by Maruti Suzuki, in India’s 17 cities, it has been reported that only 25% of the drivers fasten their seat belts while on the go. Calculating more precisely as per the individual calculation, out of four car occupants, only one utilizes the seatbelts.

The report also depicts that in the case of women drivers, the overlooking of obligatory rule while driving is elevated up to 81% in contrast to the men that rest at 68%.

The survey of “Seatbelt Use in India” accomplished by Maruti Suzuki in 17 cities covered almost 2,500 drivers and passengers. And this survey concluded that strict law in terms of seatbelts will probably help to increase the number of people buckling the seatbelts while driving. As per the response received from the responders, about 80% said it was owing to fines and legal action of police that encourage them buckle up the seatbelts.

fasten their seat belts

Going straight to the country’s capital Delhi, the people there strap those seatbelts owing to stringent regulations and as per the survey, the numbers of drivers utilizing the safety feature is probably lower than that of its neighboring region Meerut. The accident figures reported after the survey showed that about 15 people lost their life in road rampage due to not wearing seatbelts.

Considering the global studies, it is proved that 45% of death risk is reduced by fastening the seat belts, while the risk of serious injuries is reduced by 50%. In addition, occupants in the car with unfastened seat belt are more prone to get thrown out of vehicle in the case of car crash.

Coming on to the area-wise figures, in Nagpur, 90% and in Chandigarh and Jaipur 80% of them prefer to use seat belts. While on the other side, Southern part of India reported the worst figures in terms of seatbelt usage.

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