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The India based intas largest Pharm deal on a verge to get accomplish abroad

The India Based Intas Largest Pharm Deal On A Verge To Get Accomplish Abroad

Intas Pharmaceutical has reached a step closer to buying a foreign company. This can be an Indian pharmaceutical company’s highest investment abroad. Intas is leading in the race to purchase generic drugs business in the United States. The deal is expected to be valued at $1.5 billion. Singapore government fund Temasek and American private equity fund ChrisCapital have also invested Intas.

From this deal, Intas access to the therapeutic segment will be achieved. It is difficult to enter this segment and margins are also high on these drugs. However, recently US President Donald Trump described opioid addiction as a public health emergency. Pharmaceutical companies are accused of increasing its addiction. An annual turnover of Indian pharmaceutical company Intas is about $1 Billion and valuation is twice as high. It is not listed on the stock market yet.


Mallinckrodt had shortlisted first five companies. For this, two companies have been selected for the last round. The deal is currently under negotiation with the Indemnity Clause. In this, buying a business would like to secure future lawsuits and penalties. One source said that this security is being offered for three years now. He told that the last bid for business will depend on this clause. The source said, “The longer the security will get from the future lawsuits and penalties, the higher the valuation will be the valuation.” He said that if this period is kept short then the valuation will be reduced. Britain’s Mallinckrodt had commissioned Credit Suisse Group AG to sell generic drugs business in the US this year. It was expecting to get $2 billion from it. When asked about the deal, the company spokesperson said, “We do not intend to comment on market speculation.” There was no answer to questions related to Intas in this case.

Intas has been seeking acquisition-based targets to outgrow its worldwide business with ambitious goals. It took over Aurobindo in the previous year to lift up Actavis Ireland Ltd and Teva’s Actavis UK Ltd units for £600 Million, however, this will be the courageous bet so far. The accomplishment of the deal will turn out to be the largest pharma deal led by an Indian company and will surpass the highest acquisition deal of $880 Million Novel Laboratories and Gavis Pharmaceuticals Llc Ltd led by Lupin Ltd that was done in 2015.
It will be quiet interesting to see, how the Indian pharmaceutical market behaves after the acquisition procedures.

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