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MIT summons up AI that works together with humans to make horror stories

MIT Summons Up AI That Works Together With Humans To Make Horror Stories

In an appropriate decision matching with Halloween, scientists at MIT have made Shelley, the first AI in the world developed to work on horror stories together with humans. Coded and conceived by a research group from the Scalable Cooperation group of MIT Media Lab, the Twitter-supported AI has been designed using more than 140,000 stories of horror from Reddit’s r/nosleep subreddit that permit “her” to operate with visitors to make properly fiendish stories for the horrid season.

A well-known writing exercise is the Round Robin, where a team of authors take it in circles to write a story together. As the document is passed forward, each individual adds to it with new ideas and characters. The fun of the game is that no one is aware of when or how the story will end, or if somebody is going to include some hideous twist that the subsequent person has to discover a way to write out of.

Shelley operates in a same way. She is named after the Mary Shelley, the English Author who, at 18, wrote a novel as fraction of a challenge with Lord Byron, future husband Percy Shelley, and John Polidori to see who might write the most excellent scary story as a way to bypass a rainy, dull holiday at Lake Geneva. That story we know today as the Modern Prometheus or Frankenstein.

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The cybernetic Shelley also focuses in dreadfulness stories, but of the Round Robin diversity, which she consists of thanks to deep-learning algorithms, her database, and her capability to enhance her literary attempts as she communicates with humans. Each hour, @shelley_ai posts the beginning of a fresh story with the hashtag “#yourturn.” Anyone who has a visit can then include the subsequent installment. Shelley studies this and then makes her personal inclusion. The visitors and AI take turns in this approach until the story of horror is concluded.

As per MIT, this teamwork is an approach to survey how far machine learning and artificial intelligence can go. The advice works with learning algorithm of Shelly as well as multi-layer recurrent neural network to make stories that are scarier and better as time passes on. “Creative mind of Shelley has no limits,” claims the research group. “She writes tales about a mouth with a calm smile on the floor, a pregnant male who in a hospital woke up, a faceless man on the mirror, an entire haunted city!”

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