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The trend of modified Bikes has drastically evolved in India

The Trend Of Modified Bikes Has Drastically Evolved In India

“Modified bikes” trend started in California in the late 50s. Thus, in order to meet the demands of such fancy machines in India, small garages have initiated modifying motorcycles. However, this is the first time that any India-based automaker has decided to introduce a bespoke chopper.

Co-Founders Gaurav Agarwal and Vijay Singh of Aventura Choppers have a pact with the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) such as S & S, Mustang and Kellerman to import the components of such models. The intention of the company is to launch such models by next month.

The capacity of these motorcycles will be 2,000 CC engine and they are estimated to cost more than 20 Lakhs. At present, there is the only option of Triumph and Harley Davidson and for premium bikes in India. The market of expensive bikes in India is in the early stage at the current stage. According to certain research, the demand for more than 1,600 cc bikes in India is growing with 60% annual sales.

Avantura’s eye is on achieving 5–8% market share through the production of 20,000 high power bikes for Indian roads by 2022. Agrawal, CEO of the venture, said, “I like heavy bikes and I have been exploring this segment of bikes for the last 7 Years. Two years ago, I made a decision to manufacture these bikes in India, specifically for Indian roads.”

He claims that Avantura will be the first organized player in this field with pertinent certifications. Vijay Singh, Chief Revenue Officer of Aventura, said, “Before the launch, we have to clear 29 tests. These include 13 Motorcycle Tests and 16 Component Test. So far we are done with the emission and noise, while for the rest we are waiting for the certification.

The trend of modified Bikes has drastically evolved in India

Chopper’s concept is quite popular among the bikers in Western countries. Bikers upgrade their bikes with new-fangled and powerful engines. Harley Davidson and Triumph are usually used for modification. But Choppers for Indian roads are usually used for Royal Enfield for modification.

Agarwal said, “Responsiveness about chopper bikes has increased in the last 5–7 Years. However, there is a gap in supply. Usually, a 350CC bike is used, which does not hold up with the design of this chopper bike.

“We have also recruited an expert design engineer from America, who has designed and traded more than 5,000 chopper bikes all over the world,” he added.

Looking at the great opportunities in India and the growing trends of classy motorcycles, it will be interesting to see the response and plan of action of other premium motorcycle manufacturers.

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