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Now Linking Mobile Number With Aadhaar Made Simpler

Now Linking Mobile Number With Aadhaar Made Simpler

In a bid to abridge the procedure of linking the mobile phone number to the Aadhaar, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) declared 3 measures that will enable individuals to accomplish the course from the console of home. These consist of authentication through Aadhaar app, one-time password (OTP), as well as IVRS facility. Certainly, individuals can carry on visiting mobile shops to register biometrics and finish the process.

In the meantime, the government has directed the telecom companies to accomplish the re-authentication at the doorsteps of the senior citizens, chronically ill, and the disabled. For such instances, the telecom operators have been requested to arrange an online mechanism for individuals to request for authentication at the doorstep.

Manoj Sinha, Communication Minister for State, talking about the development, said: “The Aadhaar number system was developed to enable all inhabitants of the nation to access to vital government services and significant data that they may require now and then. Mobile penetration is mounting quickly in the nation and the subscribers require to be offered with the ease of connecting the mobile number with Aadhaar number.”

February 6, 2018, is the time limit for certification of a mobile phone number with the Aadhaar. Let’s have a glimpse of the several means by which one can link their Aadhaar to a mobile number.


Agent-assisted verification

The method has been made more protected as the telecom operators have been now commanded not to disclose complete e-KYC data of users to agents that was not the case beforehand. Agent-authentication assistant can be requested for SIM re-verification and issuance as well. In addition, information will no longer be amassed on the device of the agent.

One-time password

The government has asked the operators to smooth the process of OTP request on a mobile number of the user that is already recorded with Aadhaar database. The process can be utilized for re-confirmation of other mobile numbers that users may be using. OTP mode will assist to re-confirm cell phone numbers through mobile apps or websites.

Interactive voice response system (IVRS)

IVRS can be utilized as authentication as well, although this will be completed through specially developed apps.

Lastly, the government has commanded the telecom operators to set up iris scanning devices at the service points, which will ease the process who have trouble (particularly, disabled and senior citizens) validating their identity through the fingerprint-based Aadhaar validation.

Besides re-verification of the prevailing postpaid and prepaid mobile numbers, now obtaining a new mobile connection also needs Aadhaar-based e-KYC. The government anticipates completing the re-verification procedure by early next year.

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