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Women Entrepreneurs in Tech Industry motivated in a conference in Kochi

Women Entrepreneurs In Tech Industry Motivated In A Conference In Kochi

The tech industry is no longer a male-subjugated sector, and females with grit and vision have every opportunity of building successful firms and taking headship roles. This was the message from experts to up-and-coming female entrepreneurs in the field at the 3-day “SHE-2017” tech conference organized by Maker Village. Hosted in union with the WIE (Women in Engineering) Congress – Kochi Hub and IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) at the FISAT (Federal Institute of Science and Technology), the meet displayed the chances for young female entrepreneurs in the globe of technology and provided them mentorship and guidance from experts.

Maker Village expanded support to SHE-2017 as element of its determined vision to build up a meaningful society for females in tech and optimistically alter the background of the Indian economy. Launching the event, Global Head at Asset Leveraged Solutions Analytics and Insight Unit, TCS Ltd., Sujata Madhav Chandran, claimed that there was no gender specification in the corporate world for any career today; and neither was there male dominion like earlier, which indicated that anyone fanatical about being a capitalist had an opportunity of turning one. “If you discover to unearth issues that can have business ideas, then there are incredible chances hanging around for you. The projects preferably must have a communal effect; IT is now appropriate for all sectors of engineering,” she claimed to the media.

Women Entrepreneurs in Tech Industry motivated in a conference in Kochi

Sreejith Venugopal and Kiran Krishna, Maker Village representatives, addressed the candidates and briefed on the huge chances at their Electronics Incubator. Chairman of FISAT, Paul Mundadan, presided over the occasion. On the 2nd day, 4 workshops were conducted with participation of almost 300 candidates. “Big Thinking in IoT” workshop gave the candidates insights into this thrilling new segment, and its seamless and vast applications in different segments of study. Project Development with the help of Microcontrollers briefed on how to design various projects and tasks with the assistance of low-cost and small computers.

Firing up the Clouds with Amazon Web Services (AWS) conversed about cloud computing in brief and a Managerial Workshop was conducted to assist the candidates enhance their skills in management. A competition of project presentation was conducted as a fraction of the occasion in Kerala for tech-aficionados to put their brains in concert to solve the challenge of accessibility encountered by humans. Maker Village recognized the most excellent of these projects with a proposal to offer the teams with mentorship and pre-incubation facility.

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