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Jaguar Land Rover sales escalating, Targets to sell 4,500 units this fiscal

Jaguar Land Rover Sales Escalating, Targets To Sell 4,500 Units This Fiscal

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), a British premium carmaker owned by Tata Motors, has projected to grab the sales figure of 4,500 units in this financial year and targets to ramp up its market share up to 14%.

The company has already managed to sell 2,942 units in the first 9 Months of this year. It was about solid 45% in the last year at the same period. Around the globe, it has touched the mark of 2,400 units, which is around 9% of the total sale of the luxury vehicle market (34,000 units).

Rohit Suri, JLR India president, and managing director stated that we are confident about the drastic rise in the volume regardless of ending the lower taxation enhancement owing to GST regime.

“We are optimistic of finishing this financial year with a huge volume of 4,500 units with a market share of 13–14%. In the previous year, the volume was below 2,500 units, we took the share of 8–9% of the overall market,” said Suri.

Suri also anticipates that the newly launched “Discovery” with two pioneering features that are totally new in the industry, exclusive price merged with petrol option, will do the next needed performance in the rest of the year.
The overall luxury car market in 2016 witnesses a total sale of 34,000 units per year, and was led by the three German automakers Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW, while JLR settles at fourth place in the slot.

Jaguar Land Rover

Mercedes continued to retain its hold over the market for consecutive three years by selling 11,869 units in the first 9 Months of this year. The total sale accounted for 20% and the majority of the sale was driven by SUVs and E Class.

Moreover, BMW sold around 7,138 units at the growth rate of 17.3%, owing to the potential demand for the all-new BMW 5 Series sedan. This has also helped the car maker to grab the second rank after many years.

Suri stated that the portfolio of Land Rover that includes a range of vehicles starting from Rs 42 Lakh priced Discovery Sport to Rs 1.66 Crore valued Range Rover. However, there is a huge gap in the middle. The recently launched Discovery is expected to bridge the gap, which will ultimately help to drive the growth which the company is witnessing so far.

He also added that, from Jaguar side, models such as XE, XF, F-Pace are the top grosser in terms of volume. While from the Land Rover end Range Rover, Evoque and Discovery Sport drive the volume.

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