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To Expand Infrastructure And Technology, Credihealth To Pour Rs 100 Crore

To Expand Infrastructure And Technology, Credihealth To Pour Rs 100 Crore

One of the India’s leading medical assistance organizations Credihealth declared that it will be investing Rs 100 Crore in the preceding three years to develop infrastructure and technology for expansion in new geographies all over India.

The company stated that the funds will be primarily utilized to bring in pioneering technologies and expand its operations in new locations, specifically in tier III and IV cities to provide assured access to quality healthcare facilities for patients in remote areas.

The CEO and founder Credihealth, Ravi Virmani said, “At the initial stage when we started, recognition was the major confront faced. Majority of the healthcare professionals were hesitant about our product idea owing to which we in the early two years worked with our associated hospitals on the basis of the concept. Regardless of the disbelief, we worked determinedly to apprehend our revelation of distributing free and convincing medical information to customers in the country.”

“We believe that serving above 6 Lakh customers in the last 4 Years and achieving the expansion over 14 cities is a great proof of our product and practices,” he added.

Dedicated to modify the countenance of Indian healthcare, Credihealth successfully completed four years of its venture of creating an affordable and credible solution for stout healthcare ecosystem. The company is also providing flawless access to the superior healthcare experts in India for all the people.

Ravi Virmani Credihealth

At the starting phase, the company launched its operations in New Delhi and further expanded its limits to Mumbai and NCR. And at the current situation, it is functioning in 14 cities in the country with a vast network of 30,000 doctors and 630 hospitals.

It starts the patient’s treatment right from the core and assists them in the whole duration of the medical journey, delivering the paramount tech-based solutions, which include headhunting of correct doctor to fixing appointments, diagnostic process, surgery, and after operation care. These services are offered totally free of cost.

The platform enables customers to compare and select from the huge database of hospital and doctor. The company also offers an online platform for web and app-based consultation, which is handled by the own team of in-house doctors.

Credihealth has also extended in the pioneering medical tourism sector, which offers end-to-end assistance for medical treatment in the country. A team of health experts assists foreign patients right from the airport pick-up service to discharge formalities.

The company projects to help more than 6 Million people in the coming future.

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