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Smart City Challenge Call On Startups That Function On Social Cause

Smart City Challenge Call On Startups That Function On Social Cause

A new Smart City Challenge has been initiated for young entrepreneurs by clearing up the local problems and introducing innovative solutions for them. There will be such startups that have positive business and a fruitful impact on the society.

The Innovation Acceleration Group of California’s Berkeley recently launched Smart City 4.0. Its purpose is to develop industrial skills to pursue the work of smart city in India, create startup fund, and advance the technology and innovators.

As a part of this initiative, an India-based Smart City Co-Innovation Laboratory will be set up in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. Allahabad has been selected among the 100 smart cities by the government.

Andrea Marquis, Executive Director of Innovation Acceleration Group, told, “The challenge is: there are ample of new technologies that can influence the society. But people first look at the technique and later consider on what they can resolve.

Marquis said, here we see it differently in the California University, Berkeley. You have to be in touch with customers. We ask people to go out of offices or buildings, understand the problem of the customer and make a practical business model so that they can solve those problems and then transform it into business.

Smart City Challenge Call On Startups That Function On Social Cause

It has been started with the United States and India Strategic Partnership Forum and nonprofit organization 1M1B. Smart City 4.0 is aimed at developing the skills of young innovators, startups and major municipal corporations who can provide solutions to make these cities smart, safe, and sustainable. Only 18 to 29 years of age will be invited.

The lab will enable large, mid-sized companies and startups to work with citizens and create sustainable solutions together.

The program will invite youthful group between the ages 18 and 29 to co-create smart city solutions after understanding issues that affect the people of a city.

The key focus will be on segments such as smart agriculture, waste management, energy, artificial intelligence, climate, transportation, water, and last but most crucial health care.

The two finalists under the student’s category will showcase their innovation at Global Social Venture Competition in Milan, Italy, in April 2018 and battle for the prizes worth Rs 52 Lakh, which is approximately $80,000.

Moreover, the top 5 teams in the startup group will get an opportunity to showcase their concept to Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh in October 2018. In addition, they will also function with the diverse department of government to introduce solutions for smart city initiative.

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