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Nations Such As Sweden, Japan, And Singapore Eagerly Looking To Hire Indians

Nations Such As Sweden, Japan, And Singapore Eagerly Looking To Hire Indians

India and Japan signed a Memorandum of Understanding last week, in which 3 Lakh Indians have to go to Japan for on-job training. Apart from this, two skill development schemes of World Bank worth Rs 6,655 Crore have also been approved by the government. Meanwhile, the delegation headed by Suresh Prabhu was looking for a roadmap for investment in Sweden and skill development of Indian workers. Last month, LinkedIn collaborated with IL & FS Skills to create a platform that will improve the efficiency of Indian workers, network and assist them for jobs.

India is currently undergoing a job crisis. The country, with a working population of 47 Crore, has the challenge of generating maximum employment in front. At present, the central government is working on tackling this challenge within the country. Along with this efforts are also being taken in foreign countries. So far, PM Modi’s tenure has been through a warm diplomatic relationship. Due to these warm relations, bilateral investment, business, and defense relations have been strengthened. Apart from this, the issue of helping Indian workers to find a job is also coupled to it.

Singapore’s ITE Education Service has established a World Class Skill Center in Delhi in 2012. It has now spread to Assam and Jaipur. Its Delhi center is operating two courses in Retail and Hospitality Sector.

India and Japan

MoUs and partnerships with different countries, companies, universities, and trade delegations have increased significantly. Collaboration with multinationals and their industrial organizations has also increased. Apart from this, opportunities are also being searched for Indians in Global Job Markets. Taking care of the elderly population in Japan has also emerged as a big opportunity for employment. The number of elderly people in Japan has increased, while the birth rate has decreased.

Apart from this, there are 50,000 Indian IT graduate women in Sweden. Apart from this, World Bank, Japan International Corporation Agency and Asian Development Bank have helped India in many ways. Moreover, NRIs are also trying to establish skill-based universities in India. Manish Kumar, MD, National Skill Development Council, said, “Developing jobs and working skills is a difficult task. It cannot be done overnight But, we will make whole efforts to meet the solution.

There are several reasons for joining the project with India’s skill development on behalf of various countries, companies and multilateral institutions. World Bank’s Lead Education Specialist Shabnam Sinha said, “Our effort as a multilateral agency is to establish India as a Human Resource Capital.”

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