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Indian Government Rolls Out New Policies To Enhance Medical Tourism

Indian Government Rolls Out New Policies To Enhance Medical Tourism

India has been drastically transforming itself as a considerable location for medical tourism. The Indian Government has been pushing hard to enhance medical tourism, and following this path, it is in plans to roll out new policies. The derived policies target to promote merged treatment with various streams, for instance, (AYUSH) Allopathy, Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy.

The Union commerce ministry with an association of tourism & health ministries has rolled out an online portal, The portal is live at present and is accessible in three foreign languages; this includes French, Arabic, and Russian to deliver each and every detailed information to medical travelers.

As per the experts, India is developing as one of the most convincing destination around the globe for convincing medicinal cure and healing. With the specified scale of anticipated growth and healthcare infrastructure, the country has the potential to reinforce its position among the at present popular and preferred medical tourism destinations such as Malaysia, Thailand, Mexico, and Singapore.

According to the research paper released by QuintilesIMS and FICCI, about 5,00,000 foreign patients take treatment in India every year. The nations that come under SAARC such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Maldives are the major source of travelers visiting India for medical tourism. Some of the African countries comprise South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya. The key factors responsible for the inflow of patients to India from the above regions are the connectivity, Immediacy, and cultural connections.

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However, it is projected that medical tourism in India will reach up to $9 Billion by 2020. At present, the industry has touched the mark of $3 Billion. And on the global landscape, the medical tourism industry is estimated to touch the mark of $40–60 Billion.

Moreover, to make the process hassle free, the government has also initiated several steps to smoothen travel processes and encourage medical tourism. The government has made some efficient methods to issue medical visas, which ultimately reduces the time required for visa procurement.

The key medical areas for which India is preferred are ophthalmology, orthopedics, cardiology, and transplant in therapeutic care. It also contributes to prevention, wellness, and alternative medicine.

Thus with rising government inclination and approval of AYUSH medicine, the number of people seeking AYUSH medicine is projected to spur in preceding years.

There will be a setup of facilitation centers in cities such as Hyderabad, Goa, Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata.

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