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Windows Browser Gets Chrome Cleanup Tool, Eliminates Unwanted Software

Windows Browser Gets Chrome Cleanup Tool, Eliminates Unwanted Software


The slew of up-gradation continues and Google is back with something more for its users. Yes, the Chrome browser of Google for Windows will be receiving an upgrade, incorporating its Chrome Cleanup tool to eliminate the harmful software. Any standard purpose antivirus is not replaced by the new tool, and in its place, uses a recognition engine designed by ESET—IT security company—for sandbox of Chrome, with the intent of delivering a protected browsing experience. The inbuilt tool, now which is being introduced for Chrome for Windows, will not be accessible on Chrome for Linux or macOS.

As a revamped edition of the individual Chrome Cleanup tool that was required to be downloaded distinctly, the latest feature is incorporated within the Chrome for Windows. It notifies the users when any unwanted software is recognized using the detection engine of ESET and gives them a means to do away with the same software and subsequently reinstate Chrome with a click of a button to its default settings. Google mentions that the Chrome Cleanup tool in its newest iteration has been overhauled to make it simpler to use, and comprehend what software will be pulled off.

In a blog post Product Manager of Chrome Cleanup, Philippe Rivard, explained, “We can now detect and remove more unwanted software than ever before, meaning more people can benefit from Chrome Cleanup.” It is worth remarking here that not like a full-fledged antivirus software package, the latest integration of Google does not scrutinize your device in a real-time, but scans intermittently—only when the browser is lively on the system.

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Apart from the Chrome Cleanup addition, recently Chrome has received the capability to recognize and relapse the alterations that are being determined by any extensions, with no notification to the users. This new twist—known as hijacked settings detection—is said to have assisted several of Chrome users to recuperate from the unwanted settings since the previous month.

Already, Google Chrome is foremost in the desktop browsers world. According to the statistics provided for the September month Statcounter, Chrome has ruled the market with a 55.68% share, around 41% more than the Apple Safari’s share that comes 2nd with 14.22% market.

The new moves are expected to boost the share of the market over time and encourage more users to go for Chrome over other alternatives to have a protected experience. Furthermore, the enhancements would make the race harder for Microsoft Edge that has been a segment of Windows 10 system since July 2015.

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