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Boeing Committee Likely To Give Safety Recommendations To The Board

Boeing Committee is anticipated to submit its safety recommendations to the entire Boeing board during the ongoing week. The findings have been drafted after consultations with a number of personnel whose help would eventually lead to the building of safer planes.

Some of the recommendations involve changing the organization’s structural aspects, reporting lines, cockpit arrangements and establishment of a new group focusing on the safety aspects and working throughout the company.

Flow of communication has to improve especially within the engineering department and between the commercial divisions of the airplane in the area of Seattle to its Chicago corporate office, said the committee.

It will be the responsibility of the newly formed safety group to ensure independence in the working and effective dissemination of information within the organization. Reporting shall be done to senior Boeing personnel and also to a new Board committee that shall be formed on a permanent basis and dedicated to aerospace safety.

Another aspect focused by the committee was the design of airplanes to come in the future. Cockpit designs needed to be changed to accommodate pilots who would be less trained.

The committee comprised of four people, all Boeing directors conversant with intricate industrial systems. Many Boeing employees, industry safety experts, personnel from General Electric, Duke Energy, NASA and the military were consulted by the committee.

The F.A.A. is expected by many to give a go ahead signal for the Max to be airborne by end of 2019 though few international regulators may take a longer while to give their approval. But the F.A.A. itself is being scanned by a multiagency task force for the certification procedure adopted for Max. The force is expected to give recommendations for ensuring better transparency in the process of certification.

Meanwhile Boeing has been unable to answer all the questions posed to them by global regulators and the F.A.A. during a meeting held the previous month. The meeting was therefore, brought to an end by the regulators.

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