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Facial Recognition Not In Use At King’s Cross Since Mar 2018

The King’s Cross Central development isn’t using Facial-recognition since last March. Back in August, one of the spokesperson has stated that it is used to provide safety to the public. At present, only 2 cameras are installed for facial recognition process.

As per the reports during 2016-18, 2 of the cameras were working and the data which was gathered got deleted on a regular basis. Partnership of King’s Cross also denied about the sharing of data commercially. The data was used to provide assistance to Transport and Metropolitan police of Britain, and to detect any crime which takes place in the neighboring area.

Both the forces revealed that they do not know about involvement of police department in the first place. It is also revealed that advancement in Facial-recognition technology has been put on hold at the estate of King’s Cross.

As per the duties it was required to monitor and oversee safety, welfare and health of officers around King’s Cross with the help of CCTV. Later the advert was amended for removal of these duties. An investigation was also launched by Information Commissioner’s Office in which they sited how facial-recognition data is stored.

Sadiq Khan wrote to development group of King’s Cross and asked for assurance about the legal use of facial-recognition technology. While addressing the press, Dr. Stephanie Hare stated that, there are several questions which haven’t been answered about the things which were going on in that privately owned area, which is opened for general public and contain bars, family spaces as well as restaurants.

She further stated that the fundamentals aren’t changed as the technology was introduced secretly and it was in use for 2 years. Hare stated that even if the data is deleted she would like to acknowledge whether they did use it for any type of manipulation or creation of algorithms or not.

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