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U.S, China Not Likely To Reach Any Breakthrough In Their Upcoming Meeting

Carlos Gutierrez, the Ex American Commerce Secretary commented on September 6,2019 that people suggesting about the upcoming U.S – China trade talks turning into a positive result, is way too optimistic to be true. Both Beijing and Washington have again increased tariffs in this month on import worth billions of dollars. This has further discouraged several economists and analysts from predicting that matters might settle between the countries leading to a peaceful trade deal.

Both the parties have decided on meeting in October in Washington to discuss business. Editor-in-chief at Global Times, Chinese state media, Hu Xijin stated on September 5, 2019, on Twitter handle regarding the possibilities. He said that there is a chance of a breakthrough and people have enough faith in his insights to believe that. However, on the other hand, Gutierrez who had been part of the U.S government under George W. Bush said that under the current circumstances, it seems very unlikely that US and China would agree to a trade deal and be in peaceful terms with each other. He also said that such a thought would be far more optimistic since the relationship between the countries have been disrupted beyond certain boundaries and has now turned into a matter of public dispute.

The situation right now is not suitable for a deal. Ex US Commerce Secretary and present Chairman at strategic advisory company, Albright Stonebridge Group mentioned that although it is a good thing that they would be meeting but instantly fixating upon the idea that they would make a deal is not right. Gutierrez also said that the agreement might only be made before the US presidential election of 2020. Besides, this would be a very good opportunity for Trump to gain the voters’ trust by settling this matter. Trump has mentioned frequently that China has been taking advantage of US and causing the latter harm. Now, after any deal is made, Trump would also have to explain the general mass how the deal is safe in every way for U.S.

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