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YouTube Will Lower Conspiracy Theory Suggestions In The UK

YouTube aims to change its suggestion algorithm to slash back on conspiracy theory clips in the UK, 8 Months after it performed a same test in the US. The service is amid launching the upgrade to its British consumers, a spokesperson verified to media. It is not clear when precisely the modification will take place.

Earlier in January, the service claimed that it might start lowering what it considered videos or “borderline content” that came close to breach Community Guidelines of YouTube and clips that misinformed users. The firm listed 9/11, Flat Earth, and anti-vax conspiracy theories as some instances of videos it might try to lower.

It is bot clear whether the efforts by YouTube in the US are successful. A media probe from July disclosed that although suggestions for conspiracy theories have been slashed in half and some strong distributors have been suspended, conspiracy theory clips are still flourishing on the website.

On a related note, YouTube earlier claimed that it is “assertively approaching” a solution to its latest child exploitation storm by clamping down on increasing moderation, monetization, and dealing with suggestion search problems.

YouTube has further restricted which videos some advertisements can run on and has applied those ad limitations to number of videos, as per memo sent to advertisers. The memo defines how the firm is attempting to defend kids since major firms, comprising Epic Games, Disney, Nestle, and AT&T pull ads from the service.

It is a direct answer to a current campaign bringing attention to clips employed by predators to exploit kids. The campaign, arranged by Matt Watson, particularly addresses the fact that commercials of the advertisers are operating on these videos. YouTube claims that it might also ask creators to moderate their comments more rigorously. The memo also claims that the firm carries the load for the comments coming into view on the website in the first place.

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