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Websites Stealing Data From iPhone Reportedly Targeted Uyghur Muslims

The sites pinching info from iPhones may have been employed for specifically sinister reasons. Media sources state that the websites were fraction of a state-supported campaign, most probably from China, aiming at the nation’s Uyghur Muslim people. The pages might have allowed China swipe sensitive data such as passwords and messages, not to cite trace their locations. Apple silently fixed the problem in February with iOS 12.1.4, but it is possible that a number of Uyghurs’ handsets were negotiated before then.

It is not sure if the websites also targeted Android consumers, even though media sources claimed that Windows and Android consumers were also below the crosshairs. China has employed a number of plans to infect handsets and crack down on Uyghur Muslims. Border security has reportedly been setting up surveillance apps on the Android handsets of tourists making an entry in the Xinjiang area. They cannot do the same on handsets owing to tighter app installation managements, but they have supposedly scanned the handsets at the border.

The websites also unintentionally affected non-Uyghurs who discovered the pages in search results, as per one of the sources. That actually resulted the FBI in asking Google to de-index websites and lower the number of infections. Google has refused to answer beyond the publicly accessible research data, while the FBI might neither verify nor refuse that it had been probing.

On a related note, attackers just caused heartache for defectors in North Korea. The Unification Ministry of South Korea earlier disclosed that hackers stole the personal info of 997 defectors, comprising their addresses and names. The hack follows after a Hana Foundation (which assists settle northerners) staff member without knowing opened email with virus. The data of the defectors is normally supposed to be isolated from the web and encoded, but the unidentified staffer did not follow those steps, officials claimed.

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