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Hulu’s Renovated Live Guide Comes On Apple TV And Roku

Hulu this week declared a much-demanded renovation of its UI for live TV programs on a handful of specific platforms. The upgraded UI is now accessible on Roku devices, the web, and Apple TV. Previously this summer, the firm disclosed a renovated Live Guide only for desktop. The streaming platform is collaborating on bringing the new Live Guide to other hardware that show support in the near future for Hulu Live TV.

The streaming platform has had a hard time with its UI for live television shows. Consumers complained that the platform’s previous renovation of the Live Guide was hard to navigate and clunky. Soon afterward, the platform relapsed to a grid-akin format that more directly looked like cable TV.

With this newest upgrade, Hulu was given the challenge of offering a design that might display users the entire selection of a number of different TV channels and programs, but not overwhelm an otherwise easy UI. So as to achieve this, the platform swerved away from CSS grid formats and rather stacked programs left–right, with every 30-minute time-block getting a fixed-size column.

On a related note, YouTube and Hulu are faring extremely well with their live TV streaming offerings, as per a new media report, which states that the two firms have almost 3 Million users together. Separately, Hulu with Live TV is swiftly “getting close” to two million users and YouTube TV has breached 1 Million.

Each firm “carries on adding millions” of live TV users, the report claims. YouTube TV increased its subscription cost in late January to $40 monthly, coinciding with its declaration of countrywide accessibility. We guess there is something to be said for a fine user experience, which both Hulu and YouTube TV have prioritized with their services. The latter is our pick for best general streaming TV offering.

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