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HTC’s Limitless VR Service Arrives On Valve Index Headsets

You would think that Valve’s Index device might have shown support for Viveport Infinity from the outset considering the backwards compatibility with HTC gear and premium price. But this is not the case. As of this week, the Index has authorization to the limitless VR service and its library of apps, games, and videos. It has a price tag of the same monthly $13 (monthly $9 if you take one year of subscription), but there is an advantage for splurging on the device. Anybody with an Index can have 2 months of Infinity access free during a promo all over September, whether or not you are already an Infinity user.

The extension shows the 4th primary VR platform to show support for Infinity after the Vive series, Windows Mixed Reality, and Oculus Rift. All said, you will not have to be selective about your preferred gear if you need unregulated access to VR games. It is just a matter of how you like the device itself. And in a way, the Index goes good with Infinity.

On a related note, HTC earlier rolled out its limitless Viveport Infinity service after months of touting. The subscription tier for VR was rolled out for $99 per year or $13 per month, and provided over 600 games and apps for both Oculus Rift and Vive headsets. While using the service, your access will also be used on separate headsets based on Wave platform by Vive. You will also get advantages such as a monthly 10% discount coupons, revised Viveport Video app, and the intermittent freebie.

Current Viveport users will keep their costing until the 2019-end. HTC is dangling a carrot for coders, as well. Developers who launch their applications on the service will receive an 80% cut of income from the beginning of April till the year end.

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