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Addressing The Trade War, Trump Says That China Wants To Make A Deal

Last week, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, said that he is positive about the United States reaching an agreement with China to address the trade war which has been the biggest talking point in the world. The President has however not offered much details to counter the widespread concern that China is holding on until the elections are over, before striking a deal.

After the end of the G-7 summit which had taken place during the weekend the President of the United States, Donald Trump  said that China are actually wanting to make a deal.

The optimism has come from Trump’s end after the both the countries and their leaders have increased the tensions in trade which included a series of tariff increases.

On Friday, Trump had announced that they would be increasing the tariffs on $550 billion worth goods from China, which resulted in sending the markets into a downward spiral.

President has also said that officials from China had approached the United States administration late on Sunday with the intent being the restarting of talks. President has said that China means business after what in his words were two very productive and good calls.

Although the comment has not been backed by the foreign ministry in China and they said that they were unaware of any calls made from their end. Further, the President also has not specified the name of the officials that had called him.

He has instead pointed to Vice Premier of China Liu’s statements in which he had hoped that the countries can calm the tensions down and Trump said that he agreed with this and also subsequently dismissed questions regarding his tendency to be fickle about praising and criticizing the Chinese government.

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