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Tencent Cloud Joins Hands With Razer To Announce A New Cloud Gaming Initiative

Tencent, the Chinese giant in an attempt to expand its presence down west, has announced a new partnership with peripheral makers Razer. Tencent Cloud has been growing steadfast in the market and the partnership is rolled out as an attempt to bolster that growth further. Tencent Cloud’s head, Yung Yu, stated in a press release that Tencent will be lending the Tencent Real-Time Communication (TRTC) to be integrated into a range of products by Razer.

The partnership has three primary goals as suggested by the announcement; to strengthen Tencent Cloud’s hold in the western markets, to come up with new products by Razer that are compatible with Tencent Cloud, and to find ways of integrating Tencent Cloud into the software packages developed by Razer. Cloud gaming market is booming and is expected to hit the USD 2.5 billion mark as early as 2023. Tencent’s attempt stand justified with those growth numbers, but analysts see the move as more focused on marketing than making any substantial acquisition. For Razer, it would be the other way round. They will now have an opportunity to develop an all new cloud gaming platform and grow into the vast Chinese market. This will be the third time the two companies will be coming together. Before this, they joined hands in 2008 for a game called Crossfire, and in March this year for a mobile gaming partnership.

Talking about Cloud industry, VMware highlighted the headlines with an acquisition of two software companies, Pivotal Software and Carbon Black. The two deals combined cost VMware around USD 5 billion. Dell acted as a broker in one of the deals while being the stakeholder in both companies. The acquisitions will now enable VMware to develop more secure and efficient cloud computing software for its corporate clients across the globe.

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