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Tech Researcher Creates Lightning Cable Having Hijacking Features

The risks and threats of plugging random USB flash drives into the computer systems are known by everyone worldwide. The portal through the storage device to the processor gives a hacker the best opportunity to transfer a corrupt file that could steal or remove the personal data of the user. But now, it’s not just driving that bear the risk of data corruption. A cybersecurity analyst has recently shown how USB cables, even ones that resemble the features of Apple’s Lightning cable, can steal or lead to data corruption in the computer files.

The security researcher known as Mike Grover has been working for Verizon Media and uses the alias “MG” for his online presence. Mike has developed customized lightning chords that can hack and acquire access to someone’s computer. MG has named his prototype as “O.MG cables” and has sold some of them at the security conference Def Con, and is currently working with the online security products store Hak5 to create and promote a similar version of the cable for around $100.

The visible attributes and functions of the MG cable are quite similar to the standard Lightning cable you get with your iPhone, as stated by Grover. But MG had included a wireless access point along with hidden software and hardware, inside its USB connector. Once the cable gets connected to a computer, it can be accessed to attempt to steal a user’s login credentials or install malicious software for corrupting the data in it.

MG has held quite a reputation for its previous hardware hacking record as well, including a modified Apple USB-C laptop charger that could hack a computer, as well as a USB thumb drive that literally explodes after installing malicious software stored in it. Whether his latest invention of MG chord shall also bypass the security protocols of the computers, is to be found out in the future.

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