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LinkedIn Attempts To Fill Up Tech Gap By Training Non Techies

Back in 2017, Enrique Torrendell who used to operate food truck in New York joined LinkedIn for the post of software developer. Even after being at the job, Torrendell wasn’t able to write code in correct fashion. During an interview with the media Torrendell stated that at one point he wanted to talk to the HR and quit the job altogether. Enrique Torrendell had been a part of LinkedIn’s Reach Initiative, which is an apprenticeship in engineering for people who do not have any technical knowledge about the subject including teachers, veterans, mothers and athletes. LinkedIn has also started two more initiatives so that it can create diversified work culture and train more people.

The company’s initiative attracted Derek Dimke who was a kicker at NFL and still working for the company. LinkedIn just isn’t the company which has started the apprenticeship program. In July similar endeavor was undertaken by Twitter, the company focused more on women as well as minorities.

Amazon is also trying to increase the workforce and made an announcement that the company will train one-third, American workforce in areas like machine learning, medicine and cloud computing, by investing $700 million.

As per the latest reports, in US alone there are 500,000 computer jobs which are unfilled. To escalate the difficulty, at present companies aren’t able to fill the vacancies as the US president has limited the immigration and made it hard for people to acquire H1-B visa.

During a recent press interview Brendan Browne stated that LinkedIn want to provide equal opportunity for the global workforce. He further stated that the company can’t fulfill the vision unless more diverse talent is hired by the company. During 2016 Torrendell quit his job and got enrolled at Flatiron School, the institute provides boot camps and software development classes to support students. After the course, LinkedIn hired Torrendell for Reach program and had to work with the team on various profile pages.

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