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Kurbo App Is Gaining Popularity Among The Kids

There millions across the globe who are dealing with obesity and its related health issues. The world of dieting has many fat girls stepping in the only goal of shaping up and melting down all the fat. The children, adults, and even teenagers are all wildly passionate about improving their physical appearance. Thus, they go to an extreme of skipping meals, consuming weight loss supplements, or even undergoing liposuction surgeries. The Weight Watchers help change ones view over food & exercise and also help one understand their relationship with food, disordered eating, and risky consumption of diet pills. The Weight Watchers tries to let the new generation of fat people, especially kids, know the experience of losing fat through the technology.

Kurbo has rebranded it to “WW” and this new app is entitled to focus on kids so as to help them get rid of their binge eating and work toward getting in shape. Kurbo was in the hot soup over setting up a program for kids as the parents believed it would bring up body image issues and also ruin the eating habits of their kids. WW Freestyle provides access to more than 200 foods to be free or ZeroPoint which is unlike the original Weight Watchers system that provided 2 SmartPoints for a food. Kurbo has points allocated as per red light, green light, and yellow light wherein the green symbols leafy, red soda & candy, and yellow pasta. The height, weight, and weight-loss analysis helps app allocate the specific lights.

On the contrary, the Chief Policy and Strategy Officer for the National Eating Disorders Association Chevese Turner, find this app to be unhelpful for kids in the long run. The app is now being criticized for its food restriction habits. The Canadian dieticians, eating-disorder clinicians, and healthcare professionals find the app to be dangerous for kids as their body is already undergoing a number of changes and the food limitations can cause more trouble. The idea of targeting kids as young as 8 Years is something unacceptable as the children are already vulnerable to eating disorders.

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