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Tesla Launched Its Solar Power Panels Again To Add $50 Panel Rentals

Tesla has started its distressed solar power efforts again, and that now comprises an option that may be more reasonably priced for some users. The firm has started a Rent Solar program that allows people in six states (California, Arizona, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Mexico, and New Jersey) pay a monthly charge rather than making a costly up-front buyout. You will normally pay $50 monthly ($65 in California), but Tesla will perform all the hard work. There is no long-term deal. Tesla is just gambling that you will keep it for sufficiently long for those charges to add up.

Elon Musk disputed that it is still better to purchase. You might still save money as compared to depending exclusively on the electrical grid, although. While the gains are only unpretentious in New Jersey ($20–180 annually), you might save almost $650 annually in California. The largest cost is selecting to both remove and cancel the panels—it will cost $1,500 to reinstate your roof to its initial condition, even though Tesla claimed it makes “no profit” from removing solar systems.

Purchases might make more logic, too. Musk has marketed lower costing, for a beginning. And while that still makes it costly, the selection page at least makes things easy. You select between medium, small, and large panel series that has a price tag of $14,098, $7,049, and $21,147, respectively. A size guide is accessible if you are not certain how much you require in your preferred state. Tesla Solar might arrive in Europe “in 2019,” Musk claimed.

On a related note, Tesla may be placing its solar roof tile tech to the test, on the basis of a building license it lately secured from the Fremont city. As media has found, the license will permit it to develop “a test framework to increase Tesla solar roof installation and product process” at its car facility in Fremont.

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