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Meteorites Are Supposed To Have Brought Life To Earth

The study on protecting life on Earth from asteroid strike is currently being focused on. The space rocks are believed to be the reason behind the beginning of life on the Blue Planet. The researchers have recently found the selenium isotopes present in the rocks located in Earth’s mantle to have a similarity with the isotopes found on few of the meteorites formed in our Solar System. The signature of late accretion found in the selenium isotopes has a relation with the CI-type carbonaceous chondrites. The isotopic constraints imply that the rocks on the Earth must have been a part of the outer Solar System. The delivery of volatiles during the later phases is assumed to be the reason behind making Earth habitable.

The building blocks of life, water, and selenium are found to have originated outside Earth and landed on our surface through meteorites or comets, which is commonly known as panspermia. The study shows that the water is believed to have come from this source. Panspermia is a hypothetical event that microorganisms carried by space dust, meteoroids, and asteroids from outer space have given rise to life on Earth. As selenium is attracted to iron, there should be no traces of it in the iron-rich mantle. The selenium is estimated to have come after the Moon was formed between 4.5 billion and 3.9 billion years ago.

Whether the meteorites from outer space or our own Solar System was the one to have brought life to Earth is being debated on. The carbonaceous chondrites from the solar system beyond the asteroid belt and somewhere near Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are found to match the signature isotopes. On a parallel note, a team has recently found rare, super-deep diamonds that have been hiding in our planet’s interior. The Australian National University Geochemist Suzette Timmerman affirms that the fierce volcanic eruptions must have surfaced these tough gemstones to the surface. These rare deep diamonds can help us understand Earth’s interiors better.

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