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Department Of Commerce Adds 46 Huawei Collaborators To Entity List

Earlier this week, the U.S. DoC (Department of Commerce) revealed that in its Entity List, additional forty-six companies affiliated to Huawei are included. After addition, the list of affiliates linked to the Chinese consumer tech giant has crossed a hundred.

The DoC not only proclaimed about Entity List but also declared that its Temporary General License (TGL) is extended to 90 Days from the day of the announcement. According to the latest announcement regarding TGL, companies and citizens can lawfully use the products manufactured by Huawei and its partnered firms within the deadline. This legal notice would help in an effective eradication of Huawei-based networking devices and equipment from the nation.

Despite strict US allegations, the Chinese consumer electronics and the tech giant has denied any sort of associations with Chinese government promoting illicit scouting against foreign states. Recently, a possible rumor spotting the role of the company in spying African government has re-enlightened the concerns about the association between the company and the Chinese government. Owing to such activities, the US government has come up with this decision of releasing TGL.

After the short-term accession, the company wouldn’t receive any kind of hardware and software support from the US, which would significantly impact the company’s recently unveiled operating system, Harmony OS. Moreover, Huawei was already working on its long-term strategy to become an independent tech giant and not to rely on Google.

On a similar note, Huawei has been trying to acquire the remaining global market, except the US, through its hi-tech and cost-effective services. Earlier last month, the leading British telecom providers EE, Vodafone, O2, and Three, revealed that they have been collaborating with the Chinese tech giant to deploy 5G across Europe. Vodafone stated that initially, it would launch 5G services in seven European cities; and of seven, Huawei has been assisting the telecom provider in deploying services in six cities.

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