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North Korea’s Cyber Power Is Turning Out To Be A Threat To The Entire World

North Korea’s Cyber Power Is Turning Out To Be A Threat To The Entire World

The whole world is worried about North Korea’s nuclear weapons. It is being told that the entire United States will soon be in its influence, which is clearly a false assumption.

Pyongyang has prepared a cyber program in a very secretive way that is stealing millions of dollars. It has affected infinite accounts in many countries of the world.

Last year, North Korea’s hackers tried to steal $1 Billion from the New York Federal Reserve. The good thing was that one mistake of hackers stymied their plans. They were trying to steal money from an account that was linked to Bangladesh Central Bank. The bankers were suspicious of the withdrawal request because the spelling “foundation” was written as “fandation”.

It is being told that Kim Jong-un team had stolen $81 Million. In late May, there was a big cyber attack originated by North Korea. At that time, a 22-year-old British hacker had failed this attack. Hackers did not steal more money, but many countries of the world were impressed by it. The UK’s National Health Service was also stalled for some time.

The US and the UK security officials say that North Korea’s 6,000 hackers’ team is working and their status is constantly getting stronger. Several international sanctions have been imposed on North Korea for nuclear tests, but no measure or penalty has been given to prevent cyber attacks. Officials say North Korea is raising its hacking capabilities for an actual attack.

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West analysts are ignoring the North Korean nuclear program ahead of its cyber power. While they also believe that a huge weapon has been made for hacking Pyongyang. Although it may be isolated in the world, there will be no threat to its cyber power. Hackers from North Korea also work from outside the country.

Chris Inglis, former deputy director of the National Security Agency, said, “Cyber is like the strength for North Korea. It costs less and does not even reveal identity to a large extent. It is becoming a source of income for them. This has created a threat to the government and private sector infrastructure of many major nations around the world.

Assuming the fact for a glance that it may have a superior team of money-robbing hackers and the so-called devastating missiles, and it may even control the world, but does the country have such strong economy back up to sustain till the end of the war breaks out.

As per the latest report of North Korea’s economy, it is evaluated that it won’t last long under these sturdy sanctions of the United Nations owing to the weak economy.

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