Trump Has Not Certified Iran Nuclear Agreements, Russia Has Also Expressed Objection With Allied Nations

Trump Has Not Certified Iran Nuclear Agreements, Russia Has Also Expressed Objection With Allied Nations

The US President Donald Trump has given a big blow to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, showing stern steps against Iran. Trump isn’t convinced with this agreement. Although Trump has not ended the nuclear deal, Russia, including the Allies, has opposed this move of the United States. France, Britain, and Germany have warned the United States that they cannot eliminate this deal unilaterally. At the same time, Russia has criticized the United States for calling it offensive and threatening rhetoric.

On the other hand, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has also targeted Trump and said that the United States has been alone in opposing the agreement. After the new move of Trump on the nuclear deal, Rouhani said in his statement that what Trump had said today was a recurrence of baseless allegations. Apparently, the United States alone appears to be the only one among the world’s superpowers on Iran’s issue. Trump is currently showing support for the Israeli and Gulf countries.

Trump refuses to approve Iran nuclear agreements in his statement given in White House. Trump termed Iran as a “fanatic regime” and accused it of spreading terror and vandalism globally. Trump also threatens to break the nuclear deal. Under the provisions of Iran Nuclear Agreements, the US President ratifies Congress on every 90 days that Iran is following the agreement. Trump has not certified it this time, so the Congress has 60 Days to decide whether to ban Iran from this nuclear agreement. Trump has also warned that if there is no way out with the help of Congress and its allies, then this agreement will end.


France, Britain, and Germany have issued a joint statement saying that Trump cannot take a one-sided decision on this deal. The most tragic comment came from Russia. Russia’s Foreign Ministry has criticized Trump’s decision. The ministry has issued a statement saying that aggressive and threatening rhetoric cannot be accepted. Russia has said that such decisions will not solve the problem.

All the nations all over the world that are part of the international politics and United Nations have been facing some serious disputes among the nations already. And with this move, the United States is once again facing the opposition. Previously, under the control of President Donald Trump, the United States had withdrawn from its support for Paris Climate Change Pact.

So let’s wait and see what next move will be placed by Donald Trump in terms of these overall situations.

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