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Group Video Calling Comes To Skype Lite, Permits Guest Users

Group Video Calling Comes To Skype Lite, Permits Guest Users

Every company has been making efforts to make its products and solution a preferred choice of customers by providing them better service experience. In line with this, the Skype Lite app of Microsoft can be utilized to make group video calls as the firm endures to extend the offering of its video calling and messaging service for the Indian market where a majority of the population have slow networks and owns outdated and entry-level handsets.

Wait, there is more to this. Also, the company is making it simpler than ever for individuals to show up a video call. Yes, the company has mentioned that users without a Skype account can too connect to a group video call. Friends without a Skype registration can be invited by the Skype Lite users and those friends will be able to receive the calls on their laptops, phones, and desktops as well.

The invitation link—that can be sent through WhatsApp or any other interface—reminds users about downloading the Skype Lite app on their PC and phone, it pops them to install a Skype Web extension (in case, if it is not installed already) on few Web browsers (that is, Chrome) to enable the video call. Remarkably, no account or extension is required if the guest user simply wishes to have a text chat with the host. The validity of the invitation link is 24 Hours.

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The inclusion of group video calling has been brought up on the occasion of Diwali, where individuals clearly send more texts and make more phone calls as they connect with their family and friends to share conversations. Earlier this year, the Skype Lite was made available by Satya Nadella, Microsoft chief executive officer, for the Indian market. The application is a stripped edition of the marquee Skype application and has been developed to function promptly on slow networks and devices with limited resources. It is available exclusively for Android users.

Microsoft has been aggressively extending the services of Skype Lite in order to make the application more pertinent to individuals in the country. Microsoft, earlier this year, supported Aadhaar that enabled the individuals on a video call to verify each other. Also, support for numerous Indian languages has been added by the company. In August, it a machine learning-powered feature was also added known as “SMS Insights” to make logic of spams and drag relevant data on its own.


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