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Advanced Gmail Security Features Launched By Google For High-Risk Users

Advanced Gmail Security Features Launched By Google For High-Risk Users

Google Inc. of Alphabet said it will be introducing an “advanced protection program” to offer better email security for few customers such as political activists, journalists, and government officials who are at an elevated risk of being attacked by sophisticated hackers.

The Google users would have the facility to decide on to go for security settings intended at guarding Google Drive, YouTube, and Gmail data from the phishing attacks. The sophisticated protection features consist of an option that needs a physical USB security key to be connected to a desktop computer prior to every log-in as a means to authenticate the identity of a user. A Bluetooth wireless device will be required for mobile log-ins.

The data of the users with advanced protection will be walled off from right to use by any non-Google third-party apps, such as the Microsoft Outlook or Apple iOS mail client. The program also consists of a more arduous and comprehensive account recovery procedure to put off deceitful access by attackers who attempt to achieve access by making up they have been locked out.

Even though Google has formerly encouraged the usage of security keys for what is called as 2-factor substantiation, the users with advanced protection will have no backup log-in process accessible if they misplace their keys except the fuller account recovery method. Google did not detail what the recovery method would involve.

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The introduction of a set of new email security services comes after the US presidential election if the previous year twisted partially by the revelation of emails belonging to acquaintances of Democratic contender Hillary Clinton that were acquired through phishing schemes.

The US intelligence agencies have settled that those attacks—which involved an infringement of personal Gmail account of John Podesta, Clinton campaign manager—were executed by Russia as a fraction of a wider cyber campaign to assist the Republican, Donald Trump, to win the White House.

The Center for Democracy and Technology’s Chief Technologist, Joseph Lorenzo Hall, who was directed by Google on the new features, said, “If Advanced Protection was accessible to John Podesta in the previous year, the world might be a very different place.” Hall mentioned that the new features would boost the digit of high-risk users with strong shields against phishing campaigns.

But he also said that they might create compatibility questions among few who already incorporate custom security tools with their Google products., a web page created by Google to pace users throughout setting up the advanced protection, involving where to buy Bluetooth and USB security keys on Amazon.

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