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New Microsurgery Robot Assists to Sew Up Small Vessels to Cure Lymphedema

New Microsurgery Robot Assists to Sew Up Small Vessels to Cure Lymphedema

Plastic surgeons of Maastricht UMC+ have utilized a robotic gadget to operationally cure lymphedema in an individual. This is the 1st super-microsurgical involvement in the world with “robot hands.” The doctors employed the robotic gadget to sew up vessels of 0.3–0.8 Millimeter in the patient’s arm. The robotic gadget, developed by Eindhoven firm Microsure, improves the precision of the doctor, making this kind of process simpler to execute. The surgeons are excited and the patient is doing well. The news of this astonishing operation has been declared last week in Barcelona on the occasion of 26th World Congress of Lymphology.

Lymphedema, a chronic state in which fluid builds up and leads to swelling, is a grave disease. It usually takes place as a side effect of treatment for breast cancer. A potentially much better and relatively new therapy for lymphedema in which lymphatic vessels are linked to blood vessels to lessen the swelling and reinstate the flow of lymphatic fluid is a super microsurgery. This involvement is, on the other hand, specifically stressful and difficult to carry out given the great precision needed from the doctor. Globally, only a handful of doctors are able to carry out this surgical method by hand.

New Microsurgery Robot


Doctors in Maastricht discovered the answer in Eindhoven. The surgical device of Microsure, a combined work of Maastricht UMC+ and Eindhoven University of Technology, is managed by a doctor whose hand actions are transformed into more precise and smaller actions, which then are carried out on the individual by a cluster of “robot hands.” The robot also steadies any shiver in the doctor’s actions, which makes the process more managed and thus simpler to carry out. The Microsure device is anticipated to improve a huge number of microsurgical processes and allow new involvements that are presently impossible to carry out by hand. This will result in lower healthcare costs and enhanced patient outcome owing to a less post-operative therapy and lowered rate of complication.

Better result

Plastic surgeon Shan Shan Qiu Shoa at Maastricht UMC+ said, “Microsure allows us to be very accurate in our actions at the time of processes that require a surgical microscope. Their device enables us to perform on blood vessels and minuscule lymph vessels with more simplicity, while getting enhanced results for these fatiguing and complex involvements. In addition, it is extremely convenient that inside microsurgery we can perform on vessels of every size with this robot.”

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