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Panel Made To Investigate Suicide Cases Related To Blue Whale Game

Panel Made To Investigate Suicide Cases Related To Blue Whale Game

A board of computer and other specialists has been arranged to investigate cases of suicide supposedly caused by the “Blue Whale” online challenge game, which is connected to the suicides of various kids all over the world, the government claimed this week to the Delhi High Court.

A panel of Justice C Hari Shankar and Acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal was also clued-up by the government that it has subjected orders to Internet giants such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, WhatsApp, Yahoo, and Microsoft to make sure that all links of “Blue Whale” and of analogous games are without delay eliminated from their platforms. “All the above cited firms have approved to put up with by the orders,” Sanjay Jain, Additional Solicitor General (ASG) representing the government, claimed to the media in an interview.

The unexpected fame of the deadly online game, in which the last task needs the player to death, had pushed the government to subject orders to the Internet giants to eliminate its links. Yahoo India in its reply claimed that its terms of services and internal policies, already unequivocally instruct the consumers and forbid uploading of any content that is harmful, unlawful, particularly any act that might hurt a minor. While clarifying the thorough measures to ban the game taken by the authorities, the ASG claimed that they are inquiring at the worldwide level about the circulation, origin, and other related details of the game.

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Looking for more time to file its concluding report, the ASG claimed that a high-level board below the Chairmanship of Director General CERT-In (Computer Emergency Response Team) will examine all cases where deaths have been attempted or committed supposedly owing to “Blue Whale” game. “This board will carry out systematic technical investigation of laptop, PCs, and mobile devices in custody with the Telecom Service Provider (TSP) network analysis, police, and other forensic examination as believed necessary and give its report under 30 Days,” the compliance report of the government claimed.

Permitting the request of the government, the court provided them time till December 4, 2017. The response came in the background of the order by the court to place before it the measures taken to meet the terms with the direction of Madras High Court to prohibit the “Blue Whale” game. The Madras High Court on September 4, 2017, while taking grave opinions of the “Blue Whale” challenge game, had requested the Tamil Nadu government and the Center to discover possibility of barring it.

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