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India Inc. To Invest In Charging Infrastructure For Electric Vehicle With Government

India Inc. To Invest In Charging Infrastructure For Electric Vehicle With Government

India Inc. has started making plans to help in the government target to increase the number of electric vehicles in the country. These include making electric vehicles, buying batteries, and making facilities for charging.

Government officials stated that they have interacted with approximately 50 Indian and foreign companies to set up the key division of the country’s determined e-vehicle plan and to construct charging infrastructure. These include Tata Power, Exide, Amaron, Power Grid Corp, NTPC, and ABB. Ola that provides cab services through the app and some other firms in this segment are also planning to purchase electric three-wheeler and e-rickshaw and leasing them.

Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited has partnered with Delhi Metro and Delhi Municipal Corporation and has been informed about the erection of charging facility at metro stations and other latent locations. Praveer Sinha, managing director of the company, said “to build rapid charging station, there is a need of about Rs 25 Lakh investment, while the cost of slow charging outlets in coming time will be around Rs. 1 Lakh. He said that in the next five years when the sales of electric vehicles will increase, there will be a need to build around 300 charging stations in the radius of 3 km area. Each of these stations will have 4–5 charging equipment. In this regard, the initial cost for constructing the charging stations in Delhi will cost around 3,300 Crore in five years.

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Sources stated that government companies such as Power Grid Corp. and NTPC are in discussion with the Delhi Metro Rail Corp. (DMRC) and other authorized bodies for the acquisition of the land to set up a rapid vehicle charging stations and battery charging in almost half a dozen cities. The plan of NTPC and Power Grid Corp. is to buy large quantities of batteries and lease them as the government wants to promote the sale of electric three-wheelers without reducing the cost of the battery. Exide, Acme Industries, Amaron Batteries, Microtech, and ABB are also exploring opportunities for supplying batteries, opening battery replacement shops and charging stations. An NTPC official said that the availability of the charging facility is limited now owing to the number of electric vehicles compared to diesel, CNG, and petrol vehicles is very low. For this reason, the companies are not interested in opening the charging stations.

As per the information, it was stated that government is projecting to announce a tender for the supply of electricity three-wheeler in bulk and post this, there will also be roll out of tenders for electric buses.

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