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Commitment To Confiscate Inadequacy in Air Force, Nirmala Sitharaman

Commitment To Confiscate Inadequacy In The Air Force Said Sitharaman

Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that due to non-resulting decisions in the last 10 Years, there were some drawbacks in the air force which the government committed to take out. In the half-yearly conference of Air Force Commanders, the Defense Minister said that the authority given to the heads of the forces should be fully utilized to accomplish the necessary potential of the Armed Forces. He said that the Government is dedicated to reducing the shortcomings created due to deficiency of timely decision in the last some years.

This 3-Day Conference of Air Force Commanders is focused on China’s growing aggressive stance in the emerging scenario of regional security and China–India border. Last week, B S Dhanoa, Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal had stated that the Air Force is capable of simultaneously competing against any threats faced by Pakistan and China in the event of war on two fronts. The Air Force said in a statement that while inaugurating the meeting, Sitharaman also said that budgetary allocation should not be seen as a limitation and should be considered for achieving those who are absolutely essential.

Nirmala Sitharaman

At present, there are 33 fighter squadrons in the Air Force, while its authorized capacity is 42 Squadron. It is strongly urging the Air Ministry to accelerate the purchase of fighter planes so that reduction can be dealt with. The Defense Minister said that with DRDO and Ordnance Factory Board, the Air Force should assess the potential areas of indigenization under the Make in India program. While addressing this, the Chief of Air Force, Dhanoa, stressed the requirement for constant efforts and training to uphold the strength of the IAF. At the same time, he appealed to continue the process of increasing the force’s capacity.

Dhanoa reiterated that in most circumstances, the IAF is the first responder and in this way, the emphasis on Make in India initiatives is to keep the process of capacity building continuous. The Air Force stated that the issues of operation and maintenance of the forces will be discussed in the conference. There are also many administrative initiatives in it. Air Force said that 2 mobile apps for Air Force Cellular Network, according to the government’s Digital India initiative, are also expected to be presented at the conference.

Thus, there are various other implementations to be soon introduced in Indian defense, as per the agenda.

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