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Now Knee And Back Pain Can Be Treated By A Robot Masseuse

Now Knee And Back Pain Can Be Treated By A Robot Masseuse

Do you often have knee and back pain? So, this might help you. A Singapore-based technology start-up has developed a robot masseuse that specializes in knee and back massages. Entitled “Emma,” abbreviation for Expert Manipulative Massage Automation, imitates the human thumb and palm to reproduce therapeutic massages such as physiotherapy and shiatsu.

Emma has initiated to function on patients at the NovaHealth Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic, functioning together with its human associates—a massage therapist and a physician. Emma 3.0—the foremost to go into public service is more compact than the previous prototype revealed last year. Advanced sensors are used to evaluate the muscle and tendon stiffness, along with cloud-based computing and artificial intelligence to estimate the best possible massage and to keep a record of recovery of the patient over a course of treatments.

The robot masseuse is designed by AiTreat which is a technology start-up situated at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. The basic aim of this technology is to cope with quality consistency challenges and a shortage of workforce in the healthcare industry, as mentioned by Albert Zhang, who led Emma’s development. Using the robot in chronic pain management has the prospective of developing low-cost treatment options in countries where healthcare charges are high as well as where elderly populations have an increasing command for such treatment.


Zhang stated that Emma was developed to offer a clinically precise massage as per the prescription of a practiced physiotherapist or a traditional Chinese medicine physician, without the exhaustion experienced by a human therapist. He said, “We can now, by using Emma to perform the labor-intensive massages, proffer extended therapy sessions for patients while plummeting the treatment cost. The human therapist is then available to concentrate on other areas such as the limb and neck joints that Emma cannot massage at present.”

The robot masseuse is provided with a touch screen with an entirely articulated robotic limb with 6 degrees of freedom. Also, 2 soft massage tips are placed at the end of the limb composed of silicon that can be warmed for placate. Emma also has enhanced diagnostic functions and sensors that can estimate the correct stiffness of a specific tendon or muscle. The data gathered of every patient is then conveyed to the cloud server, where artificial intelligence calculates the accurate pressure to be implemented during the procedure of massage.

It is also possible to analyze and track patient’s progress, creating a performance report that will enable a physician to determine a patient’s healing using specific empirical data.


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