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For 2017 Edition Of Oracle’s Accelerator Program, 15 Indian Startups Are Selected

For 2017 Edition Of Oracle’s Accelerator Program, 15 Indian Startups Are Selected

Accelerator programs are now on a great run on global grounds. Several tech giants have initiated accelerator programs to help the early age companies to get into the market with efficient products and services. Machine learning and artificial intelligence were among the leading technologies at Oracle’s Startup Cloud Accelerator program.

From India, there were 15 startups shortlisted and majority of them have a base product based on two extensive domains—artificial intelligence and machine learning. These startups belong to various segments such as healthcare, fashion, cybersecurity, music, and finance. The startups were basically selected from three diverse associates, the first associate was of endeavor from Delhi, while Mumbai and Bangalore were the second and third, respectively.

Group Vice President of development at Oracle India, Sanket Atal stated that every startup that is selected carries a high growth potential and exceptional intention for the industry.

The startups will get the guidance in terms of business and technical mentoring from Oracle and related industry experts. Along with this, they will also get co-working spaces in the company’s premises and free Oracle cloud credits. Moreover, Oracle’s ecosystem of partners, customers, and investors will also be accessible.

Below is the list of all the finalists.

From the first cohort—Delhi

Chatteron: The startup offers a chatbot development platform with an end-to-end model that enforces global businesses to develop artificial intelligence conversations.

Digital Agents Interactive: The company assists in the development of artificial reality, interactive 3D, and virtual reality applications.

INICU: This venture offers solutions based on Big Data, Internet of Things, and cloud to monitor emergency ward infants, neonatal, and other important data points specifically for pre-term.

Original Sure: The company provides supply chain perspicuity to market players to identify counterfeit of products that are out for delivery.

Repup: The startup having a background of hospitality offers end-to-end control and assistance in terms of guest experience across three stages of this includes pre-stay, during stay, and post-stay.


From the second cohort—Mumbai

Disprz: The firm’s AI-powered platform improves comprehension resources with the help of technology tools such as social, analytics, cloud, and mobile.

DoLoop Technologies: It utilizes machine learning technology and technology automation to resolve problems of data standardization and clinical data integration.

IPHawk: The firm shield enterprises’ intellectual property, for example, copyrights, trademarks, and brands by using AI.

Kivihealth: It bridges the gap amid the patient and doctor and improves patient’s adherence to treatment through an AI platform.

Moneytor: Works to improve the default recovery rates and serves to stress receivables sector.

From the third cohort—Bangalore

Dressire: It works on offering real-time personalization for retailers and shoppers, specifically malls through AI and analytics-based solution.

MusicMuni: A music teaching oriented platform based on artificial intelligence.

SafeHats: Provides security solutions for the organizations through the development of bug bounty programs.

StatDecision Labs: Simplifies credit management system through machine learning algorithm.

Teknospire: Deals in web-linked solutions for healthcare and finance companies.

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