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A New Player To Be Soon Seen In Video Service Segment With A Name “Facebook Watch”

A New Player To Be Soon Seen In Video Service Segment With A Name “Facebook Watch”

There are many players challenging in the video service field. Netflix came first before challenging the online video service of YouTube, then Amazon Prime and now the chain is adding a new name that comes from Facebook, which is about to launch its own separate video service called “Facebook Watch”.

The company will bring in a majority of video programs, which will include reality TV show, which is derived from the real story. The presence of Facebook in the online video series market is expected to change the rules of the game. Facebook has tied up with many world veterans for the content of these home videos, from recipes to motivational speakers and travel experts.

Facebook will give 55% of the revenue earned from advertising to these video makers; the remaining 45% will be kept by the company. This service is expected to start in the US first and then it will be distributed all around the world. There has been a spurt in the creation of such serials all over the world that are only accessible on the Internet. It started with the US “South Park” in 1992. This trend is now catching up in India too. This is the perfect time for Internet serials in India. In the last few years, there is a lot of change in TV viewing trends. We have the youngest population in the world, but most of the TV serials are made keeping women and housewives in mind. They do not have anything special for the youth. Smartphones and computers have changed our habits. The new generation world now prefers mobile and laptop for entertainment. Anyone here can view these serials according to their time.

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At the level of content, Internet serials are promoting innovation while meeting expectations and demand of youth. According to the report of Indian Mobile Broadband Index 2016 and KPMG, 38–42% of the total net data consumption in India is spent on video and audio. Increasing spending on digital advertisements is also pointing towards this. In 2015, Rs 6,010 Crore was spent on them, which is expected to grow four times by 2020.

In case of Facebook video, it can get ahead of others as it has a huge database of their users. Videos of Facebook Watch will appear in their feed according to their interests. If the user likes a video then he will automatically get the customized notifications of the next content, the option of live chat will also be available which will make these video programs more interactive.

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